United Tours


United Tours Tranportation Solutions

United Tours is the oldest and most experienced company in the industry.
Founded 1965.
We offer the most advanced and modern transportation solutions that will fit any need or purpose.

We operate buses midi buses and minibuses all new and at highest touristic level
United tours has two major departments . one department operates daily tours around Israel for tourist being picked up from hotels in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
The tours are conducted in English, French, Spanish and German
We Ayer only license tour guides and choose them by the experience and professionalism in order to insure the tourist the perfect excursion.
We put the focus on the tourist and give a personal attention to each one to make the tour memorable.

The Second department specialize in advanced transportation solutions we will fit the transportation to your needs so you will get to your destination in time!
We provide transportation to all purposes and to all periods of time from a few hours to a few days.
We transfer privet groups, wedding guests, Bar mizvas, Biasness tours, conventions
We specialize on mass transportation.

We are operating under the supervision of the Israeli standards institution and we hold the licensed of Izo 9001 standard, we also put our focus on safety.
We are training our drivers to improve their professional skills and we keep our vehicles on highest level of safety under the supervision of the safety officer.
You say when and where and we will take you.